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Check this out! Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 06/29/2014
You guys should really check this out!!

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Bored Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 10/26/2010
Waiting on a few games:

Black Ops
Epic Mickey
Donkey Kong
Black Ops
Black Ops

While we are on this little game wish list; I have been on an 80's movie kick lately. Been through Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Real Genius, Revenge of the Nerds, Beverly Hills Cop (1-3), The Last Dragon, Short Circuit, Back to the Future series, Indy series, Men at Work, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Final Countdown, Cloak and Dagger, Wargames, Young Guns (1-2), Stakeout (1-2), Labyrinth, Legend, and lest forget Halloween (1-3) in the month of October.

What is your upcoming "wish" game?

What was your 80's movie fav?

Post away.


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Move Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 09/09/2010
Sorry for the downtime the past several days. We recently moved and I was in the process of setting up the new DC in the basement which delayed access for all. I have been blessed with some power to run my BladeCenters (x2) and several rack/tower servers. The ISV-K site will soon see the benefits of this transition. Details to follow.


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Call to revive?? Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 12/31/2009
Been near 12yrs since our inception. May 1998! I have a 6 & 16 yr old now, Ricard is in his 20's and working hard at Walmart (last time I checked), John is finally beyond his pot smokin days and married (to a WOMAN---yeeeeahh right ), Charles is saving people daily, and Joe is, well, old as dirt but as lovely as ever; and, everyone else is living large.

I would like to revive an Unreal team. I do not want to lead and would only fund, host, and front the funds necessary to revive us for even the most brief moment in time.

I hit Google the other day on my phone and ran across a post from a 2004 thread where the comments posted had nothing but positive things to say about ISV-K as it pertained to the original Unreal team. Made me feel quite good to be a part of this group and needless to say quite nostalgic!

Looking back we were the first Unreal clan/organization in the franchise/series. We quickly became a top 5 world winning UT team (OGL). We had a huge fan base and we lived it big time once with sponsorship, radio, etc.

Anyone interested in a revival? Joe, John, Charles, others? If we only play on the weekends with each other (no smartass comments Joseph) ?


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Cousin's on Momma's Boys on NBC Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 12/22/2008
Yep, my cousin Erica is on NBC's Momma's Boys which airs Monday's 9/8 Central.

Take a gander at the show and let me know what ya think.


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Lightning Strikes Again! Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 09/09/2008
Just sittin here lookin over the site. The most recent Charter / GoDaddy experience really screwed up the site - links, pictures, videos are all fubar. With the port redirection, there will be a bit of reprogramming involved. This is gonna take some time to fix so I am asking patience.

I have already notified most folks on the changes (entire IM / ISV list). Please stay tuned as I will be posting voice channel changes for both TeamSpeak and Vent. Game servers will remain for both UT and COD4. Expect some new servers soon with Left for Dead coming soon.


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Little Bro a Kickin! Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 09/09/2008
My little bro has been quite busy recently playing along side bands such as Twisted Sister, Brett Michaels (Poison lead singer), Alice Cooper, etc! Check out the band. He is a fantastic artist and phenomenal compositionist. If you are in the area, give them a Shout Out! If not, then do it still cause I said so!


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Finally Fixed after 2 months!! Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 09/04/2008
After TWO months, GoDaddy finally gave me the correct fix for the website blockage. That being said, we have the COD4, UT DM, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and FTP all up and running now. I will be CLOSELY monitoring over the next week. If you have any questions or issues please let me know.


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Port Blocking Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 07/27/2008
Well, just as I suspected, Charter is pulling dirty tricks and port blocking incoming 80 requests. Please be patient as I work around this.


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Ugh!! Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 07/12/2008
After a month of nightmare's dealing with ISP and DNS redirect issues, we are back online. I would have had things up sooner had I been able to dedicate more time, but I have been doing an awful amount of traveling as of late.

Servers currently running:

Unreal Tournament
Call of Duty 4

Links to the servers are on the menu to the left of this page or in previous post.

UT has finally been fixed, is open to public, running DM with skilled bots!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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10Yr Anniversary Night Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 05/10/2008

Got the UT Server up for play:
Access: open to public

Admin Access: contact me directly

Got Teamspeak setup for access:

Unreal server is coming and should be up shortly. Please call me if you have any questions.


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New Teamspeak Server IP Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 04/10/2008
I had to change the Domain on the Teamspeak Server due to some problems. Below is the new information:

Password: spamspam

Feel free to log in and use at your leisure. I am connected 99% of the time, but not always on. Feel free to message me in one of the following manors:

ICQ: 11232311
Yahoo: svxlsi2000

And for Tooly, I will add a MIRC channel as soon as he responds to my post on a recommended server free from script kiddies


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ISV-K Stage 1 Complete Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 01/31/2008
Stage 1 of ISV-K's return is complete. We currently have our first COD4 Server up and running in central US. We will be adding additional COD4 and TFC2 servers in the coming weeks and months in additional regions. Links to the servers are accessible via the legend off of the front page, COD4 Tracker Website, or through in-game browser (currently ISV-K TDM Central Server). Feel free to hop on and play anytime.

You will also see that the website is undergoing some changes to accommodate the comeback. Over the coming weeks and months, expect to see these changes accelerate. If you have any questions or would like to make recommendations, please email me or post.

Lastly, ISV-K has officially joined the Team Warefare League on the CoD 4: NA - Hardcore - 4v4 OLTL Team Deathmatch ladder. If you are interested in competing with us, you can email to the following: or


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ISV-K Revival Posted by admin 01/14/2008
Well, new year, new ISV-K. We had a good meeting tonight to discuss the revamping of ISV-K in the coming year. Some of the topics discussed were games to be played, server locations, recruitment, and website changes. It was a great first meeting and I want to thank Dakota and Zenwerks for joining! Hopefully this will be a first of many positive outcomes on our road to recovery! Stay tuned for changes to come!


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Call to Revive ISV-K - Leader Needed! Posted by {ISV-K}SVX 01/10/2008
I am looking to revive ISV-K in the gaming scene into 2008. Currently I am looking to add a person to take it over and run with it. I will still own the domain and organization, and manage IT, but will have minimal input for day to day playing ops once re-established. Candidates must be from the ISV-K pool of current or past ISV-K members; or, select few old school players friendly with ISV-K both now and in the past.

ISV-K is running on a powerful Windows 2003 R2 server platform. This platform is running the website, ftp, and voice servers (TS and Ventrilio). Game Servers can be added to the servers upon request. Current connection is 10Gb down 1Gb up. We have two servers both fully redundant down to power.

Systems management will be key to this role. I will give full access to remotely manage the server/s to those who take over. This includes remote POST/ Power On/Off capabilities and full control of the file system. The leader will be responsible for managing the primary node and notifying me if there are problems so that they get resolved in a timely manor.

ISV-K will hit our 10yr anniversary in May of this year and we would like to make a big comeback so this role will me critical to our success.

The new Leader will work me on the marketing and PR to re-establish us into the scene, plan website changes, and manage day to day gaming operations. Future IT changes include Web 2.0 integration, database restructuring, and streamlining. The overall goal is to increase traffic and presence.

This is a non-paid position, although, it can be lucrative ...

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